My name is Scott,

I'm a electrical engineering and computer science student and I am always working on personal projects when I have some spare time (or sometimes even if I don't ;).  Seeing other pages out on the Internet where people detail their cool projects for the world, I realized that people might enjoy details on some of my projects as well.  That was my primary motivation for creating this site. 

Eventually I will also be adding information and support for any products that I offer.  I recently signed up as an Android App developer and plan to create some cool utilities that I think are missing from the market.

I also have a wordpress blog hosted here where I will post on topics that interest me.

So in summary, this website was created as a place to host projects, interests, and potential future products.

As time allows I will be filling in all the content gaps for this site.  Until then, bear with me.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line in the contact section.